By supplementing our US recruiting engine with a global reach, we connect our customers to the finest workforce of the world. By maintaining a large talent-pool that reflects industry trends, we are able to meet even the most stringent demand of our customers. This also gives us the ability to fulfill requirements without long lead times. We constantly monitor project developments and industry trends to predict client demand for consultants with specific technical capabilities. Understanding project details including internal milestones, business impact, mission-criticality, and project dependents and precedents, greatly enhances our ability to:

  • · Provide services at the right time, every time, thereby reducing costly overruns
  • · Offer right prices for our services, thereby controlling high project costs
  • · Being globally mobile, assure our clients of our presence at the right place
  • · Guarantee right results by specializing in leading edge technology

Our three-part placement protocol - Contract Staffing, Permanent Placement Contract-To-Permanent Staffing, is designed to suit any short-term, long-term or permanent requirement from our client. Our model is designed to bring the best IT talent on the table with the option to the client to choose the services that best suits their IT project needs.

As part of our stringent recruiting and screening process, prospective candidates with at least four years plus of relevant work experience including an advance degree in Engineering, Computer Science or Management are short-listed. Special emphasis is given to their educational background so that they can adapt themselves to the client's technology requirements & changing technology needs. These candidates are then thoroughly interviewed, tested and screened before they are finally recruited. Testing and screening process compromises of reference checks, communication and technical evaluations on computer-based technology tests. Once taken on board they are constantly provided with our in-house cross-functional training to meet the ever-growing market demand. They are also encouraged to undertake certification tests in their related areas of expertise. Additionally, we sponsor them to attend seminars, workshops and conferences as part of our on-going exercise to keep pace with the ever changing IT environment. 

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MML  is a fast growing technology company which offers competitive services in consulting, technology and outsourcing. With scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, we leverage this people advantage coupled with technology to develop industry-specific solutions in the domains of Health, Insurance, Telecommunications, Service, Pharmacy, Retail, Banking and Government.MML  offers services ranging from Contract Consulting, Staff Augmentation services, Enterprise Application Solutions, Software Application Solutions, Systems and Network Engineering to Service and Support. 

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